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Voices Of Africa

Not entirely film-related, but it's media-related and certainly worth mentioning...

I love stumbling across website gems like this one.

It's called Voices of Africa - a project to equip average citizen journalists in African countries with mobile phones and/or portable digital recorders so that they can instantaneously report on events happening around them.

These amateur local journalists use the provided tools to produce reports on worthwhile occurrences in their individual areas, and then publish the content to the Africa News website, which serves as a portal into events at the local level.

I think it's a great idea! Citizen journalism - delivered raw and immediate, much more-so than the selected reports we receive about Africa, from a distance, on even our most progressive media outlets in our country. You can't beat the real thing!

I couldn't find any of the video blogs on YouTube, and the media player utilized on the Voices of Africa website doesn't allow for embedding; so you'll just have to head over there and watch for yourself.

Here's an opportunity to stay informed and maybe even connect with your fellow African men, women and children. There's a lot to be learned here, so take advantage and visit the site often:


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