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TV NEWS - Tempestt Bledsoe & Husband In Reality Series

Fox has ordered a new series that puts an attention-getting gender twist on the trophy-spouse reality genre.

The network has ordered nine hours of a program called Househusbands of Hollywood, which follows a collection of stay-at-home husbands of successful L.A. women.

The cast includes... drum roll... Tempestt Bledsoe (The Cosby Show) and husband Darryl M. Bell (A Different World), amongst others.

Househusbands, set to bow in August, falls into an ensemble soap category that's provided ample fruit for such high-profile cable players as Bravo, VH1 and E!

Fox Reality hopes to find a new audience with the series and, if successful, expand the Househusbands brand beyond a single series (not unlike a certain group of Real Housewives on Bravo).

I had absolutely no idea Tempestt Bledsoe was married to Darryl from A Different World. I didn't realize she was a so-called "successful L.A. woman." I wonder what she does for a living, because, she's certainly no longer working in TV... until now anyway. I remember having a crush on her when I was in high school :o)

This Househusbands program certainly is a twist on the usual... not that I'll be rushing to watch it. Although, I'm sure I'll hear about it.

By the way... someone should put together one of those "where are they now" scenarios for the entire Cosby Show clan - specifically the kids. I know little Rudy (Keshia Knight Pulliam) is co-starring in Tyler Perry's next - Madea Goes To Jail.

And Theo (Malcolm Jamal Warner) has done some TV shows in recent years - notably Malcolm And Eddie (co-starring Eddie Griffin), and most recently,
Jeremiah (co-starring Luke Perry).

And, of course, Raven-Symone, up until last year, had her own TV show on the Disney Channel, titled That's So Raven; and earlier this year, saw her 4th studio album released.

I have no idea what Lisa Bonet and Sabrina Le Beauf are up to.



  1. Ortega said...

    l know lisa Bonet is on the show LIfe on Mars the American version

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    Really? I thought she had maybe retired to family life.

  3. Anonymous said...

    she married ron? man I used to love him.
    yea lisa bonet is supposedly doing her thing.

  4. Invisible Woman said...

    Re this series; oh bloody hell :-(

  5. Invisible Woman said...

    "I had absolutely no idea Tempestt Bledsoe was married to Darryl from A Different World. I didn't realize she was a so-called "successful L.A. woman."

    Me neither.

  6. Anonymous said...

    She is not married. It's just a rumuor. they are saying "play house" which means to me that maybe they live together or just partnered up for the show. They run in the same circles because of the obvious Bill Cosby connection and they both could use the extra cash. Sounds more like a business deal than anything.

  7. Dheeraj said...

    Holy shit.

    So I was watching Cosby tonight, and I wanted to text my wife (we just married; she hasn't moved in yet) about this, because I loved the fact that in this particular episode, Vanessa and her friends drive down to Baltimore -- the city in which I live -- to see some lame concert.

    Except I couldn't remember Tempestt Bledsoe's character's name -- I've had a few drinks tonight, so my memory was failing me -- so I looked it up on Wikipedia.

    That's how I was reminded that the character's name was Vanessa. I also learned that she's now married to the dude who played RON FUCKING JOHNSTON on "Different World." Holy shit, dude is 11 years older than her! (I'm more than a little jealous. By that logic, I should be able to pull a lovely 23-year-old girl . . . )

    Anyway, at the bottom of the Wikipedia article, one of the listed sources was this very blog posting. On some site called "The Obenson Report."

    That rang a bell in my mind. And holy shit, sure enough -- it's the dude that used to rent a room from my friend Neemisha Martin back in Brooklyn!

    Son of a bitch, this IS a small world, isn't it? :-) Hi there, Tambay. It's me, Dheeraj -- Neemisha's friend from the hellish suburbs of NJ. We've met a couple of times; I also went to the screening of your film in the East Village. What goes on?

  8. Anonymous said...

    They are NOT married!!! They only live together, per Essence Magazine. I'm certain this pairing is only for the money, they both could use the work.

  9. Anonymous said...

    Sabrina Le Beauf is some kind of interior designer in L.A. according to Phylicia Rashad in an interview some time somewhere.
    Sabrina is also highly edu-muh-cated.

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