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TRAILER - Obsessed (Beyonce, Idris Elba)

I posted an entry about this film last week (you can read it HERE). I was somewhat hopeful then about its potential. But after seeing its new trailer below, I'm much less hopeful.

This looks incredibly silly and likely should go straight to home video.

I'll pass!

The film hits theatres next spring.


  1. SolShine7 said...

    Interesting cast but it looks like a typical Lifetime movie. Definitely not something I'd go to the theater to see.

  2. Invisible Woman said...


    I'm sure this is one of those movies that the woman who is wronged thinks of all of these ingenius schemes and scenarios, miles ahead of everyone else, and sinks everyone in her traps.

    Only someone that works as a temp can be so ingenius (yeah, right)...stink-o-rama!

    PS: see that your girl Bey still has her "urban accent" lol

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