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TRAILER - Madea Goes To Jail

Get ready for yet another uplifting message of hope and glory, packaged in a 6ft 6inch man dressed in drag... I present to you the full trailer for Tyler Perry's next gospel, Madea Goes To Jail.

Little Rudy Huxtable is all grown up, isn't she?

The film hits theatres, February 20th, 2009.



  1. SolShine7 said...

    I've enjoyed most of Tyler Perry's movies except Meet the Browns (it was a complete train wreck) and I haven't seen The Family That Preys yet. His films are by no means high art but they make you laugh and they offer some inspiration. When Madea isn't pulling out a gun it's the semi-Christian morals that shine. That and the opportunity to see some big name black stars in leading roles. When it comes down to it I respect Tyler Perry because he's one of the few filmmakers who has the creative power to come up with an idea and see it all the way to production.

  2. Anonymous said...

    i enjoyed the family that preys, you should see it. meet the browns was bad. i think it is his best film. his earlier ones were ok but dragged on and whatnot.

    off-subject tambay i wish i could just leave you a note or send you a message but anyways i will put this here. i was plucking out my afro this morning and i thought maybe us black cinema lovers should each do our own blaxploitation posters. lol

  3. The Obenson Report said...

    I've despised most of TP's movies... just not my thing... but, I applaud his success, and the fact that he's kept many black performers employed... I do hope that he evolves as a storyteller, if only to ensure career longevity.

    MLM - That sounds like a great idea. We should do it!! Let me think about it...

  4. Ortega said...

    l feel like he is evolving because the family that preys was good and felt different from his other movies so l hope he keeps on going

  5. Matt Jay said...

    I'm sorry I think Tyler Perry is just a few hairs shy of being completely talentless.

    His direction is as inspired and forward thinking as an assembly line factory worker. Everything is formulaic and molded for Hollywood specifications. Not a single frame has taken a cinematic risk or presented a fresh, interesting take on anything.

    There is nothing "inspiring" about Tyler Perry's movies- they drip with saccharine and contrived melodrama. The humor is, well, not humorous. There is never a moment in any of his films that is remotely vague or ambiguous or genuinely complex. And I can't stand the thinly-veiled religious stuff.

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