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Old School Friday

Borrowing from the "
old school Friday" music meme I've seen on other blogs, every Friday I'll feature an "old school" film favorite - specifically those that were seen by very few of us, and still aren't as well known as I think they should be.

This week, Chameleon Street (1989) a film I've already talked about ad nauseam in previous incarnations of this blog, as well as on my podcast. If you know nothing about the film, look it up! It was largely unavailable after its Sundance premiere in 1990, until about a year ago, when it finally saw a DVD release, available on right now, for $12!

There were rumors that Will Smith wanted to star in a remake of the film, but, Wendell B Harris, the writer, director and star of Chameleon Street refused. To my knowledge, nothing is in the works. However, there's a famous Rubik's cube sequence in the film that Smith supposedly mimicked in a couple of instances in his own work - once in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and again in The Pursuit of Happyness.

Watch the trailer below first, and then, watch the Rubik's cube expose beneath it.

Here's the trailer:

Here's the Rubik's cube expose:


  1. Qadree said...

    I had the chance to speak with Wendell Harris at a screening a few months ago and he's apparently still working on putting out that film that was in the bonus features of the DVD. I believe the name of it is Arbiter Roswell.

  2. Invisible Woman said...

    That was '89? It looked like '69. And was that Samuel Jackson singing?

    I've heard of this film but have never seen it. I'll check it out...if Smith remade it, it would probably be something slick like "Catch Me If You Can".

  3. Anonymous said...

    hey the top post on the above link seems interesting. have you heard of this babylon film?

  4. The Obenson Report said...

    Q - Yup, it's Arbiter Roswell... looks fascinatingly weird.

    IW - No that wasn't Samuel singing. HA! I'm hoping Smith does not remake it.

    MLM - Thanks for the link. Never heard of the film... it's news to me.

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