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INTERVIEW - Will Smith Talks To Newsweek

Ahead of this weekend's release of Seven Pounds, his 18th feature film in almost as many years, superstar Will Smith spoke to Allison Samuels for Newsweek magazine, a few days ago.

A notable quote from the session:

Samuels asks - Why doesn't Hollywood make more African-American love stories?

answers - Hollywood sees green as in dollars, and that's just the bottom line. You have to show them you can make money with your story no matter what color the characters are. Martin Scorsese has proven to Hollywood he can make Italian-American stories that bring in the money, and that's what Hollywood wants to hear. Every time an executive greenlights a film, he's putting his job and his future on the line. I don't think Hollywood is racist, but I do think they work with what they know. And since many of the top studios or people who greenlight features are not familiar with our stories, it's just much easier to go with what they know and not delve into what they don't. I think that's where my responsibility comes in as someone who can make a difference, because I can get my films made and choose the people I want in those films and the stories I want to tell. It really comes down to that. We have to tell our own stories, really.
And Will also stated that he and Tom Cruise are looking for some projects to work on together. That could be a coup - 2 superstars (although Tom's light is dimmer than it once was) starring in some, likely mega-budgeted, summer blockbuster... or, a buddy comedy.
Regardless, I'm sure their salaries alone would consume at least half the production budget.

Read the entire interview here: THE GOSPEL OF WILL SMITH


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