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IDIOT SPEAK - Rev: "Thank White People For Slavery"


With leaders like these...

Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson is president and founder of The Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny (BOND), an American group dedicated to promoting responsible fatherhood amongst African Americans. He has hosted a cable TV program and a syndicated radio talk show. He is a member of Choose Black America and a member of the advisory board of Project 21, an African American conservative organization. He's also a former board member of the California Christian Coalition.

Earlier this week:

Is there a need to bother commenting on nonsense like this? Am I really supposed to take this fellow seriously? Is he just courting controversy, which will likely pay off in dollars, if it already hasn't?

Unfortunately, he's far from alone!


  1. Prometheus Brown said...

    I suspect that conservative people of color will gradually become the new face of conservativism. We have Michelle Malkin - now she and her ilk seem re-energized by seeing themselves, under an Obama administration, as "the opposition." I say bring 'em on.

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    Bring-em on indeed! The conservative party still seems to be having an identity crisis. The fundamentalist evangelical "know-nothings" may secede and become a party of their own.

    As for the likes of Michelle Malkin, I sometimes wonder just how truly genuine she is, in her conservative stance; it's arguably a much more profitable position for someone of her ethnicity in this country to be in.

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