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Good Saturday Morning!

I'm sure we've all been here before... while I certainly don't condone the use of violence as a solution to a problem like the one below, however, quite frankly, there have been moments when I've felt almost as enraged as the man felt... certainly not enough to fire my pistol... not that I even own one... which I don't!

PHILADELPHIA — A family talking during a movie enraged a nearby viewer so badly that he shot the father in the arm, MyFoxPhiladelphia reports.

Philadelphia police say James Joseph Cialella Jr, 29, shot the man after a brief altercation inside the Riverview Movie Theatre.

The victim suffered a gunshot wound to his left arm.

Cialella was still inside the theater when police arrived. He was found with a black Kel-Tec .380 handgun on the front of his waist.

Police arrested and charged him with attempted murder, aggravated assault, violation of uniform firearms act, possession of an instrument of a crime, simple assault and recklessly endangering another person.

What the hell was this fellow doing with a gun in a movie theatre? Soon, certain theatres will require all patrons to walk through firearm detectors and other security checkpoints!

I looked up the theatre mentioned in the full article (United Artist Theatre Riverview Plaza in South Philly). Apparently, it's a really shitty establishment, based on the plethora of disapproving comments - with most agreeing that screenings are full of loud, inconsiderate, and rude groups of people, calling the customer service "downright awful," and strongly advising others to stay away, and go elsewhere!

Duly noted...



  1. Anonymous said...

    ah we had a theater like this down here. all nasty rats and in dire need of being redone. imagine security measures at the theater. imagine them everywhere you go just to be safe.

    how was your christmas?

  2. Miss said...

    I feel him. It ain't right at all what he did, but I feel him--I've said several times why Madame Invisible can't stand public theaters! :-(

    Watched "Onibaba" on Xmas (strange and very non-xmas, I know). Have you seen it?

  3. Miss said...

    oh, btw it's IW; it comes up as "Miss" when I'm on Firefox...go figure.

  4. Anonymous said...

    hey obenson
    to cure some of our movie needs would it be possible to create something like hulu with black and minority cinema? i mean i am sure there is some sort of flaw in there maybe. i think it would be great for old films to get seen and for indy films to get seen. hmm
    would it be better to partner with hulu or create your own site?

    miss/iw--- i do feel him too. i'm an early in the morning front row type of moviegoer.

  5. The Obenson Report said...

    MLM - Rats? Damn! My X-mas was simple and quiet - just the way I like it :o) I'm not much of a Christmas observer, so, it's usually just another day for me. Hope yours was just the way you like it as well. And RE a Hulu-like site for black cinema - I've thought about something like that before but just never acted on it. An acquaintance of mine has been working on something similar for about a year now, but nothing has materialized yet. Maybe it's time to revisit...

    MISS/IW - What a movie to watch on Xmas day :o) Yup, I've seen it - awhile ago. I remember enjoying it.

  6. Undercover Black Man said...

    Those customer reviews are hilarious... and useful. I didn't know they existed.

    Worst moviehouse fuckery I've witnessed lately was a few years ago, when the first "Hulk" movie came out. I made the mistake of going to an early evening show on the opening Friday, with tons of teenagers.

    But it was at the biggest, best theater in Washington, the Uptown, so I thought all would be cool.

    Wasn't any crowd-talking that I recall. But this theater has a balcony. And kids like to sit up in the balcony. Why? So they can throw ice cubes from their drinks on unsuspecting patrons below. Like, constantly.

    I complained to the manager, and in my memory he kinda shrugged like, "Whaddaya gonna do?"

  7. The Obenson Report said...

    Damn - throwing ice cubes.

    I've never experienced anything quite like that... thankfully.

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