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Filmmaker Spotlight - Michelange Quay

Skimming over indieWIRE's list of the best films of 2008 without distribution, I found this seemingly surrealistic trip through the Caribbean - specifically Haiti - by Haitian filmmaker, Michelange Quay, titled, Eat, For This Is My Body, which screened at this year's Sundance, and Toronto Film Festivals.

The film is described as, "an unusual relationship between a privileged white woman and her young servant, Patrick, which sets them on a visceral and hypnotic journey of self-discovery across poverty stricken Haiti. For the first time, she will see and hear the land and its people, witness their suffering, and sense the reality of her own body."

According to the film's website, it was released in France in October. However, since it's without an American distributor, I wouldn't expect to see it around these parts anytime soon. If ever... maybe a DVD release eventually...

Here's the film's lovely trailer (below that is an interview with filmmaker Quay):


  1. low budget movies said...

    The trailer is beautiful. Not liking the name. Eat, For This Is My Body

  2. SolShine7 said...

    Consider me intrigued.

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