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Cool Movie Posters - 1960s

A 1960s heist movie with the names Jim Brown and Diahann Carroll getting top-billing on the marquee over Gene Hackman and Ernest Borgnine, produced by Irwin Winkler, and I've never heard of it?

Anyone? Anyone?


  1. Jaceel said...

    i don't think i have seen this, i'll have to track this down. Love the posters.

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    It's hard to find. I did come across it on a few merchant websites I'd never heard of before... so I was hesitant to buy.

    If you do get it before I do, put it on bit torrent so we can all download it :o)

  3. Geniusbastard said...

    I have seen it on cable. This is based on "The Seventh" by Donald Westlake, the 7th book in the Parker series (about a stoic, tough-as-nails, resourceful thief-with-a-code) which gave us John Boorman's masterpiece "Point Blank" (based on the series' debut novel "The Hunter").

    The great Lee Marvin was uninterested in making a James Bond-type series, so MGM made the later novel with Jim Brown taking over the role of the stoic super-criminal Parker (though he is never called Parker in any of the adaptations, only in the novels).

    It's a good film, great cast, a nicely ambiguous ending.

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