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New York African Diaspora Film Festival

Certainly one of the more worthwhile black film festivals in the country. You're always guaranteed to find a wide variety of films from every segment of the Diaspora - both old and new. This year is no different, with around 100 films on the festival's schedule, from just about every continent, occupying its entire 2-week run to screen them all - November 28 to December 14.

Of particular interest to me:
  • The Prince of Broadway
  • An Ethiopian film titled 13 Months of Sunshine
  • Disappearing Voices - The Decline of Black Talk Radio
  • A Cameroonian Film called Paris A Tout Prix (Paris or Nothing)
  • Charles Burnetts's Namibia epic - Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation
  • Sexe, Gombo Et Beurre Sale (Sex, Okra and Salted Butter) - a French film by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, who previously brought us the critically acclaimed 2006 film, Daratt
Go to the NYADFF website for a list of every film screening, accompanied by any relevant information (synopsis, dates, times, etc...).

Show your support! We say we want change; we cry out for it; now, here's yet another opportunity for all of us to affect it.

I'll certainly be there for some of the films, and will share my thoughts on my podcast.


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