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Trailer - Tyler Perry's 'Madea Goes To Jail'

Just when you thought it was safe to go to your local movie theatre... the ever-prolific Tyler Perry unleashes yet another spawn of Madea on us... this time, behind bars. The Family That Preys has been in release for less than a month, and the man is already prepping us for his next release, Madea Goes To Jail, which hits theatres next February, just 5 months away! Damn!

If it's any consolation for Tyler Perry "haters," history isn't necessarily on TP's side. If he continues pumping out the same brand of product as frequently as he's done since his introduction to the theatrical stage, history tells us that audiences (no matter how faithful) are bound to tire of his shtick, and will eventually graduate from his offerings, or demand better from him. Either way, something will change sooner or later.

Here's the just released teaser trailer for
Madea Goes To Jail:


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