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Sarah Palin's 'Jeremiah Wright' Moments - Where's The Outrage?

This really should be getting a hell of a lot more airplay on TV, radio, in print, etc. The media devoted weeks, if not months, to Obama's connection to Reverend Jeremiah Wright and his Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, influencing the obviously weak minds of numerous Americans. I think it's only fair that the same treatment be given to Sarah Palin, given the below revelations and more.

From Huffington Post (apparently, the video that follows was censored by YouTube!):

On June 8, 2008 in the Wasilla Assembly of God, her church of over 25 years, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin declared United States military forces in Iraq to be "out on a task that is from God." Head Pastor of that church, Ed Kalnins, has also made statements indicating that he views the current conflict in Iraq as part of an apocalyptic end-times struggle. Palin recently stated her enthusiasm, in a widely televised interview, for war with Russia - a country that, along with the United States, possesses vast stockpiles of intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles.

The American public has a right to know if Palin believes, as does the Third Wave movement in which her churches take part, that she has a divine mandate or "anointing" to do battle to purge those she views as evil from the world (as expressed in the below video).

Most Americans do not want an American jihad to conquer the world in the name of God let alone a global nuclear war. Judging from the churches Palin attends and from her public statements we have to take very seriously the prospect of having a Vice President, a heartbeat away from the United States presidency, who holds such apocalyptic goals.


  1. Nic said...


    Unfortunately you are not going to see the same outrage.

    As Pat Buchanan so boldly put in writing, blacks should be grateful to whites for ALLOWING them to prosper in this country. Blacks should be grateful to whites for supporting them and putting up with things like welfare, affirmative action, and civil rights...all things that were solely for the benefit of blacks.

    Jeremiah Wright had the audacity to not be thankful to the white man and America and he incurred their wrath.

    Sarah Palin will get no such treatment.

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