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Right-Wing Terror Film Delivered To Swing-State NY Times Readers

This is suspicious and unsettling to me...

That the New York Times, known for its liberal slant, would comply, is certainly odd.

That it happened only in presidential-election swing states (states in which no candidate has overwhelming support) is telling.

It's clear to me who is reponsible for this and what the intent here is, and should be to you as well.

The fear campaign continues...

From HuffPo:

This past Sunday, in presidential-election swing states across the country, the New York Times came bundled with a dvd of the documentary "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West," a controversial film on the threat Islamic terrorism...

The dvd was an "insert" with the Sunday newspaper, contracted no doubt with the New York Times marketing department as an advertisement the way coupons for local stores are often inserted in nationally distributed publications. The editorial side of the paper likely had little or no knowledge that the controversial dvd would be included with the paper. The provenance of the film remains somewhat mysterious. The website lists only the filmmakers, Wayne Kopping and Raphael Shore. The dvd packaging included with the Times lists the producers as Peter Mier and Raphael Shore. The project is listed as "concieved by Peter Mier." At this point, it is unclear who planned and paid for the film's bundling with the New York Times and its distribution to homes in election-year swing states. "The Clarion Fund" is listed with contact information below the credits.

Arriving at the doorstep together, the package was alarming. The film is made to appear as a news-style documentary and includes splashy sell-lines that shout "As seen on CNN and FOX News by more than 20 million viewers worldwide." Indeed, the incendiary packaging is a reflection of the contents of the film. The "O" in "Obsession" is formed with the Islamic crescent moon and a star, and the closing "N" is tricked up with a silhouette of an automatic rifle. Soft focus-images of Middle Easterners, the World Trade Center, a firefighter on a ladder and the American flag all bathed in golden light.



  1. The Sujewa said...

    Content of the movie aside, sounds like a good way to get a DVD into the hands of NYT readers. Probably expensive though.

    Have not seen the film, would like to. Islam extremists are anti-west, and as proven by 9/11 attacks & other attacks on US/Western targets they are willing to convert their displeasure w/ the west to violence & death. So, they are a real threat us.

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    They are a real threat to the US because the US is a real threat to them. We're not completely innocent victims in all this. I'm actually less worried about them than I am about us and what we might do.

    But that aside, you've got to be able to see this for what it is. I haven't seen the documentary, and am not particularly interested in seeing it (there's a trailer on their website), but these kinds of images do nothing but reinforce stereotypes, creating unnecessarily adversarial currents, and in this particular case, scare voters in those states the DVD was intentionally released in, into compliance, which is disingenuous. And it'll likely work.

  3. The Sujewa said...

    Or, Obama & company should do more to address the fears of the US public re: Islamic terrorist attacks, ability to be an effective war time leader, etc. - spend more time hanging out with the military maybe, no reason they (Democrats) should cede the security & war issues to Rebuplicans.

    Every country in the world & civilization (well, except maybe the Tibetans, but look what happened to them) have been or are violent & war-like (whenever possible); this unfortunately seems to be the human condition: we are a violent species/will use violence to achieve goals, for the most part, and have done so for thousands of years; maybe forever. BUT, out of the two civilizations - conservative, theocratic Islamic vs. US/Western - I like the US/Western one better (more freedoms & opportunities, don't have to grow my beard to some length, don't have to worship a non-existant (most likely) war god). So, hopefully, the US & allies will win this current war/ will defeat Islamic terrorism/militant Islam.

  4. The Obenson Report said...

    Or, Obama & company should do more to address the fears of the US public...

    Couldn't agree more. I think both parties should, instead of wasting millions on smear tactics.

    I can't say that we are indeed inherently a violent species. I think most of us actually prefer a peaceful existence. The problem is that those who would rather engage in war and other such aggressive acts - a minority as far as I'm concerned - whether for personal gain, or misdirected allegiance, or just flat out ignorance, tend to be the most fervent in ensuring their objectives come to fruition; and it seems like these are the people whom we appoint into political office, and who then wield even more power than the passive majority. If those of us who want peace were just as vigilant and relentless in our objectives, I think there'll be fewer wars and so fewer incidences of violence.

    I do think that this isn't a war to be won or lost - between Islam and Christianity. There are extremists on either side. It's an age-old conflict, and it will continue for generations, for as long as differences in ideology exist. I don't have the ultimate solution, but provocation from either side doesn't help matters at all. It only intensifies the rivalry.

  5. The Sujewa said...

    I think the war is between extreme/fundemental Islam vs. modern secularism/post-religious societies that allow for belief and is cool with non-belief. I am definitely on the side of the modern world on this one; can't see a society run by Islamic law being cool with my indie movies :)

    But re: warlike nature of humans, true, those who want war are probably in the minority. And yes, I am sure it will be possible to get rid of war on this planet, with a lot of hard work, at some point in the future.

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