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Reginald Hudlin Leaves BET

Just as America is in search of a new president, so is BET, now that the president of the media company for the last 3 years, Reginald Hudlin, is on his way out!

I can only hope that the BET board adopts Barack Obama's "change we can believe in" motto, as they begin their search for the man or woman to replace Hudlin as president of BET Networks.

May I suggest myself? I may not have "experience," but that's what the GOP has been saying about Barack, and look at how close he is to becoming the country's next head of state. I am the change that BET and its audience needs and can believe in! So, I hereby nominate myself as the next president of BET Networks!

From Hollywood Reporter:

BET Networks' president of entertainment Reginald Hudlin has left the company after three years on the job. Hudlin said he would return to his entrepreneurial roots as an independent producer. "From the moment he joined the BET family, Reggie infused our program development with incredible creativity, energy and passion," BET chairman/CEO Debra Lee said in announcing Hudlin's departure. Under Hudlin, BET launched 17 of the top 20 highest-rated shows in the network's 28-year history... Additionally, Hudlin ramped up BET's news division, launched a DVD division and helped in getting BET Films off the ground.

The search for Hudlin's successor is under way, with exec vp music programming and talent Stephen Hill serving as the interim head of entertainment.