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Largest Celebrity Donors

Recently released...

The Giving Back Fund's second annual Giving Back 30 survey which is a ranking of the 30 celebrities who have made the largest donations to charity in 2007 according to public records.

No surprise at who sits at the number 1 spot. Although I didn't know Herb Alpert was such a giver. I didn't even know he was still around! Also, I certainly would have expected to see a hell of a lot more individual donors on this list. America is the richest nation on earth, with thousands, if not millions of millionaires and billionaires combined. This list doesn't reflect that at all. I suppose there could be some who've opted to remain anonymous, and if so, props to them.

Here are the top 5 :

1 Oprah Winfrey - $50,200,000
To the Oprah Winfrey Foundation and Oprah's Angel Network; to "support the inspiration, empowerment and education of women, children, and families around the world; to encourage people around the world to make a difference in the lives of others
2 Herb Alpert - $13,000,000
To The Herb Alpert Foundation. In 2007 the Herb Alpert Foundation distributed more than $50,000,000 million in grants, which included a $30,000,000 gift to UCLA. Since 1988 Mr. Alpert has donated more than $100,000,000 million to the Herb Alpert Foundation
3 Barbra Streisand - $11,000,000
To the Barbra Streisand Foundation, numerous civil liberties, environmental, and civil rights organizations "dedicated to democratic values," Hawaii Community Foundation
4 Paul Newman - $10,005,000
$10 million to Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio from which he graduated, for a scholarship program; an additional $5,000 to Ypsilanti High School's drama department
5 Mel Gibson - $9,899,654
To the AP Reilly Foundation, the tax-exempt entity named for his late mother, which supports Holy Family Catholic Church in Malibu, California

See the remaining 25 here: THE GIVING BACK 30


  1. Undercover Black Man said...

    Seriously... how did Herb Alpert get so rich? Did A&M Records raise that much hell?

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