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Where The Millionaires Are

According to new report by the I.R.S., the state of California boasts the most millionaires - 428,000 (more than a fifth of the nation’s total). Following in a distant second place is Florida with 199,000 residents with a net worth of $1.5 million or more, and then (surprisingly) New York with a paltry 168,000! Given the ever-rising costs of living in my home state (New York), I'd expect that we'll be at the top of the list - not that it's necessarily a designation to be proud of. Although I should note that California does house many of those techie millionaires and billionaires. And Florida is of course a haven for wealthy retirees (they also don't pay income tax down there).

For the envious, don't sweat it - a million just doesn't buy what it used to anymore. Nowadays you've got to be at least in the centi club to make much of a splash!



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