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Read Magazines Online For FREE!

You know me... I'm always looking for free shit :o)

Here's another FREE online service that some of you might find useful.

It's a new site (launched in July I believe) called Based on its name, I'm sure you can guess what it's purpose is. In short, is a website where you can read magazines for FREE! You can also share (whether via email or social bookmarking), archive and customize specific articles within those magazines you read.

Printed magazines are uploaded in whole, from the cover to cover - even the ads - and you can read them on the site using its convenient flipbook feature, which also allows you to zoom in and out, to read any tiny print.

Since it's a new site, don't expect to find every single kind of magazine in circulation, but there's enough there to tickle your appetite in expectation of what's to come. You can also upload magazines you own, especially those that aren't already on the site. So, think of it as a kind of file sharing site, except the files being shared are magazines. The quality of the images aren't pristine, but certainly good enough to read and appreciate - even for the optically-challenged. Did I mention it's a FREE site?

Pick from a variety of categories - Arts & Culture, Automotive, Computers & Internet, Electronics & Audio, Entertainment & TV, Home & Garden, News, Business & Money, Sports, Travel, and more.

At a quick glance I saw listings for the most recent editions of Times, Vanity Fair, Ebony, Oprah, Car & Driver, BusinessWeek, Cosmopolitan, Vibe, Wired, PC Magazine, MacWorld, Popular Photography, FHM, Maxim, Popular Science, Newsweek, Forbes and The Economist amongst man others. I also saw several weekly publications, like People Magazine, National Enquirer, Us Weekly, Entertainment Weekly, and others.

And if you missed a past issue of a magazine, they have some of those as well... for example, if you didn't read the now infamous New Yorker magazine issue that had the Obama's caricatured on the cover, you can read all 100 pages of that edition on the site, for free.

There's also a nifty "subscribe" feature which is self-explanatory.

And the selections aren't solely American. The site claims a library that's global, although limited, meaning you could read the most current issue of Der Spiegel, provided you're fluent in German, or you can flip through the pages of La Provence, as long as French isn't foreign to you. Or, you can read the Indian version of Vogue! I didn't even know that there was an Indian version of Vogue! Scary.

So, check out Mygazines why don't you! You might find something you like. I expect that magazine publishers will soon come calling with lawsuits and such, assuming the creators of the site don't have the legal rights to make the magazines available on the site, especially for free.

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  1. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    Ooh, I might try and see if I can find last month's Italian Vogue before the site gets shut down!

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