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Paging Hollywood's Black Elite...!

Talking about his upcoming $36 Million biopic of prominent Haitian revolution leader Toussaint L'Ouverture, while at a recent film seminar in Paris, Danny Glover said of his fund-seeking tribulations in America and Europe: "Producers said, 'it's a nice project, a great project . . . where are the white heroes?'"

Do those alabaster suits in Hollywood really STILL say things like that? I mean, really?! Essentially, they want to rewrite history, right? It's so freaking ridiculous that one can only laugh at the idiocy of it all! I'd never survive within their system... I'd probably bitchslap the jackass who asks me a question like that... or at the very least, spit some venom his way.

As previously reported, Venezuelan socialist leader Hugo Chavez gave $18 million to finance half of the project. The rest was supposed to come from a distributor, but according to Glover, no one in Hollywood was interested, stating, "I couldn't get the money here. I couldn't get the money in Britain. I went to everybody.. The first question you get is, 'Is it a black film? It's not going to do good in Europe, it's not going to do good in Japan.' Somebody has to prove that to be a lie."

Paging Will Smith... Oprah Winfrey... Denzel Washington... Eddie Murphy... can somebody lend this man a dollar... a dime... a nickle... a penny... something... so that he can get this film made, please? We're talking about a film about a man who was born a slave and would eventually lead a slave rebellion to victory over the Europeans, abolishing slavery in the region, and establishing Haiti as the first post-colonial independent black-led nation in the world! Come on folks!



  1. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    Your last paragraph may pretty much sum up why he isn't getting funding from Master Alabaster.

    And if Danny Glover can't get funding, pity a poor aspiring Black-British screenwriter... unless, of course, she concedes to writing about life in da hood!


  2. Anonymous said...

    This country is very untigth about showing there real past. Maybe over time (sooner than later) this country will mature more, and that it can handel some of the real truth, and grow from it and become stronger.


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