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"Clintons For McCain"

All I can do is emit a deep sigh at those Hillary Clinton supporters who are still bitter that she lost the Dems nomination to Obama, that they intend to vote for McCain, despite Hillary's rousing unity speech at the convention last night. I'm truly puzzled by their amazing lack of foresight (or maybe it's just an unhealthy case of a childish kind of stubbornness and even foolishness). They consider themselves Democrats, have always voted Democrat, but, for reasons still not clearly illuminated (at least to me), this time, when it probably matters most, they are dead-set on voting for the enemy, and are even actively campaigning for him?!?! The fact that most of them appear to be female (and white) is, although quite telling, even more baffling, given that, historically, the Dems party has been most consistent in championing issues important to women voters - definitely not the Repubes.

It's time the Obama campaign stop kissing their asses in trying to convince them to consider the party's ultimate goal of winning the presidency; let them continue wallowing in their own individual gripes; let them vote for McCain. If he does end up beating Obama for the seat, and we have to endure 4 more years of Repube rule in the Whitehouse, I don't want to hear even the slightest complaint from any of them about policies McCain introduces that affect them or those they love, adversely... not a single squeak!

In the video below, MSNBC's Chris Matthews takes on "Clintons for McCain" founder Cristi Adkins at the Democratic National Convention. She makes a claim about Obama’s past, and Matthews challenges her on it:


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