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When Did Talking Become Taboo?

So... Obama has said in the past, and hasn't wavered on his stance that he would like to utilize some diplomacy with the Iranians - in essence, incorporate that age-old form of communication that the current regime has proven to never quite comprehend. Of course I'm talking about a seemingly forgotten past-time known very simply as "talking."

Yes, Obama would like to actually sit and talk with Ahmadinejad in an effort to reach some peaceful resolution to the threatening war brewing between the US, Israel and Iran, which would certainly persuade the supporters of each combatant to act accordingly, blossoming into what some have labelled a possible 3rd world war!

And what do the GOP and its constituents think of the notion? They fervently oppose the idea, dismissing it and the man behind it, Obama, making a mockery out of him, as an attempt to expose his supposed inexperience with international political affairs.

How "Republican" of them! Their shoot first, lie about it later approach - or preemptive strike - has, understandably, produced disastrous results, and some could argue, have done nothing but create even more enemies for America to have to consider, feeding the war machine, and padding the wallets of those private entities whose weapons of mass destruction are being bought and sold, whether legally or on the black market.

When did "talking" become taboo in America? Isn't it a part of the curriculum in society's classroom? From childhood, we are taught to talk our problems through and that resorting to fisticuffs with your "enemy" isn't the answer, because it resolves nothing, except maybe generating a bloody nose, broken jaw, or bruised rib for one or both parties. Fighting, as a means to an end, is not tolerated in our schools, in most of our homes, and throughout much of the rainbow known as American culture. In fact, to call it taboo won't be an overstatement. We are instead encouraged to solve our disagreements with others using our minds, by way of our mouths, not with our fists nor our might!

So, why is Obama's seemingly all-American strategy with regards to Iran and others alike, so quickly dismissed and described by many as naive, foolish and irresponsible? Is it for fear that it might actually *GASP* work, essentially painting a rather unnattractive portrait of those in opposition?


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