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Trailer - 'The Princess & The Frog'

After all the controversy that has accompanied the production of the animated feature notable for giving us Disney's first ever black princess, the studio has finally given us a peek at what The Princess And The Frog will look like, probably in an effort to counter all the criticism it's received for it's alleged insensitive characterizations - as if to say, "look, it's not as bad as people are saying it will be," even though the film doesn't open for another year-and-a-half!

This doesn't give us much, after all it's only a teaser, so I can't say a lot bout what I see here. In time, we will learn more. But if everything I've read about it thus far remains true by the time of the film's release in December 2009, then Disney's PR deparment should prepare for a hectic year ahead.


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