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Tonight's The Night!

My ticket is already paid for, and I'm ready to consume and digest!
After so much noise within the blogosphere about the film - the mostly negative reviews (some spoiler-filled), the revelation of the big plot twist half-way through the film, etc - I'm finally going to get my chance to witness Hancock with my own two eyes!

There are a handful of night-time screenings of the film in New York City today, and a friend of mine bought tickets for a 7PM showing, which, of course is where I'll be around that time.

Once I get home after the screening, provided I don't get distracted, I'll post my thoughts here.

After so much coverage of Hancock, I already know what to expect from the screening, so there probably won't be many surprises. However, hearing/reading about a film isn't quite the same experience as watching it firsthand! I'm still excited to take it all in myself!


  1. albertine said...

    I'm seeing it over the weekend. LOL at what you said about already knowing how it's going to play out. The web has changed the everything.

  2. Invisible Woman said...

    Guess you got distracted...haha!

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