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Things Heat Up On The View As The Ladies Discuss The Word "Nigger"

Today on The View, the ladies discuss the hypocrisy of Rev. Jesse Jackson using the N-word on Fox News in an off-air comment, and the mood quickly heats up, leaving one person crying in the end. Guess which one? As for my thoughts on the use of the word... I'll share with you later :o) First watch the clip:


  1. albertine said...

    I'm soooooooo sick of talking about this word. Is a day ever going to come when we reach some universal agreement on it? We're all a bunch of hypocrites as far as I'm concerned, and any more discussion on it just seems pointless to me.

    Ok. sorry. LOL!

  2. Anonymous said...

    Whoopi and every other black person has the right to their opinion about the usage of this word. What truly irks me is when she or anyone else makes an all encompassing statement, as if we are all one universal black consciousness. If people want to talk about THEIR experience as an African-American, African, West Indian...whatever...please do, but do not presume to speak for me and my experience as a black human being on this planet.

    Society does a good enough job of lumping us into one category. I remember hearing about a white reporter in Paris referring to some of the black participants in the riots there as African-Americans. Huh? WTH?!! That speaks volumes, no? Why we allow people to put us into a neat little box I will never understand. We are a beautiful, diverse, and oh so complicated...

    Anyhow...That said. I did not grow up with the "n" word used in my family. I do not embrace it as a term of endearment and I never will. Even in jest I can't bring myself to say it. If another black person chooses to do so they have the right, but I wish they wouldn't speak for all of us.

    - P

  3. Invisible Woman said...

    That chick makes me SO sick. When are they finally gonna eject her clueless ass?

    I guess it's BS like this that keeps people watching, tho I never do, and don't ever plan to.

    Btw, I never heard the "n" word used in my house, except when I visited my grandfather who looked non-black. Go figure.

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