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So, I Saw 'Medicine For Melancholy' Yesterday...

It's not in theatres yet, but thanks to Sujewa Ekanayake of DIY Filmmaker, part of the indieWIRE Blog Network, I had the privilege of screening a DVD copy of the film yesterday afternoon, accompanied by Sujewa, as well as Brandon Harris of Cinema Echo Chamber and Filmmaker Magazine.

The three of us assembled at Brandon's Brooklyn bachelor pad, eager to take a trip that only Barry Jenkins, writer/director of Medicine For Melancholy, could navigate. And a worthwhile expedition it certainly was, despite a few potholes along the way.

The conversation that followed almost lead to fisticuffs, but the 3 of us are grown men, so we were able to resolve our disagreements without throwing any punches!

Of course, I'm kidding!!!!!

Although, a healthy discussion did follow, which I'll elaborate on, in my eventual review of the film.

So, no, this is not a review; consider it a preview - a teaser, if you will :o) I'll post my full review later on this week. I just have to set aside time to produce it, which I will.

Right now, I'm celebrating Stanley Kubrick's 80th birthday with an in-house retrospective, even though it's time for me to go to bed; The over-looked and under-appreciated Eyes Wide Shut, a favorite of mine, is up next!

Cheers! And to all, a haunting night...


  1. Anonymous said...

    Isn't the actor in the first still one of the Daily Show's newest "black (male) correspondents?"

  2. Barry Jenkins said...

    Awwww man, I'm a "little" disappointed: the movie's coming your way VERY soon, though I can't say how or when. And I was really, REALLY hoping you'd get to see it on the big rather than small screen.

    Look forward to reading about these "potholes" =)

  3. The Sujewa said...

    Yeah, even if we saw it on the small screen, it would be great - no doubt - to see it on the big screen. So I am definitely planning on checking it out on the big screen when the MfM theatrical starts.

    - Sujewa

  4. Barry Jenkins said...

    Oh man, I'm just talkin' shit =)

    I was stoked to read that what basically amounted to a screening I'd dub the "indie-film bloggers of color board of trustees" had taken place. My only regret is that I couldn't be a fly on the wall for the post- screening discussion.

  5. Invisible Woman said...

    Ummmm....hello? Weren't you the one who chastised me for my slow review? haha

  6. Invisible Woman said...

    btw, the sujewa, I don't think you have enough blogs!

  7. The Sujewa said...

    hey invisible woman,

    to make up for not having enough blogs, i am making a movie about blogging, which i hope will generate several hundred posts about blogging... :)

    & barry,

    i almost thought about taping me, brandon & tambay watching MfM & the conversation afterwards, but then thought that "first draft of indie film history" was better left off the record :)

    i am sure you'll get to hear the fit-for-public-consumption versions of all praise & constructive criticism when tambay & brandon publish their reviews.

    i think in general they liked it. and you know i'm a big fan of MfM, so all looks good for the flick, as far as that screening is concerned.

    - sujewa

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