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'Obama Is My Slave' - Capitalism At Work

*Shaking my head and sighing*

From Radar:

- So, yesterday's front page of Metro, one of New York City's beloved free subway newspapers, had as their lead story an account of an unnamed 25-year-old woman being shoved and spat on by four black women at the subway. Because she was wearing a T-shirt that said "Obama is my slave."

CHAOS ON THE SUBWAYS! RACE RIOTS! WHITE WOMAN DOWN! And yet ... the "victim" isn't interviewed. There are no cops. No lawyers. No nothing—except the word of a desperately ambitious T-shirt designer, whose
press-seeking ways have been ably documented before. To New York mag, he wrote: "can you or any one else in 'new york magazine' write somthing about me and my art? even somthing [sic] really bad?" Well New York wouldn't, but apparently others would. We don't believe a word of it.

If homeboy suddenly gets shot, I wouldn't shed a tear...



  1. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    Two things:

    1) "An unnamed 25-year old woman beig shoved and spat on by four black women..." I guess it's usual to refer to white people without mentioning their colour/ethnicity, but it always irks me in stories like this - makes it sound like black=alien monster, or something.

    2) And um... I'm guessing that the artist's intent is not to actually sell any of his T-shirts then...? Only, 'buy my T-shirts and get attacked' does not sound like a very good marketing strategy to me.

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