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Not Safe For Lunch! Yuck!

Man, I don't remember the last time I actually ate anything that came from either KFC or Taco Bell. It's been awhile. And news like this certainly doesn't make me want to make a trip to either place anytime soon. Granted this could have happened in almost any other eatery, and probably has, but today it's KFC's day!

From The Consumerist:

- A police officer and his family from Sydney, Nebraska have been awarded $40,000 from their lawsuit which alleged that a KFC/Taco Bell store had served them food contaminated with an employee's spit and urine in 2005. The lawsuit stated that fellow workers actually saw the employee taint the food and told management who failed to alert the family, according to the AP. Consequently, the officer's two sons became violently ill. His 4-year-old was hospitalized and treated for gastroenteritis and dehydration.

Yummy! I wonder how often shit like this happens? Probably more often than I'd like to know. I've had friends who worked in restaurant kitchens over the years, and many of them have similar stories to tell. It certainly makes me want to eat out less.

And do I really need to remind you of this video below?

Needless to say, KFC/Taco Bell aren't batting too high an average right now.

Read the rest here: THE CONSUMERIST - NSFL


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    Only $40,000? Who were his attorneys? This should have been a million dollar lawsuit at least. KFC and Taco Bell are owned by a multi-billion dollar company.

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