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MLK Jr's Descendants Battling Over His Estate

This is actually rather unfortunate and sad! Money, money, money! What we allow it to do to us is truly pathetic! Greed - one societal ill begging for a cure.

Read on from EURweb:

- Unfortunately the King family legacy is being tarnished because [MLK's descendants] are embroiled in a divisive dispute over their father's estate.

Bernice King and Martin Luther King III filed a lawsuit Thursday to force their younger brother, Dexter King, to open the books of MLK Jr.'s estate.

The lawsuit claims that Dexter King, the estate's administrator, is refusing to provide his two siblings with documents concerning the estate's operations. That includes financial records, contracts and other documents, the lawsuit said.

At stake are millions of dollars in assets linked to MLK Jr's intellectual property rights, including the $32 million that donors in Atlanta recently paid to acquire 10,000 pages of his papers.

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