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Leave Michael Savage Alone!

As I see it, acknowledging the tasteless, manipulative, bigoted rhetoric of pugilists like Michael Savage only ensnares one into playing his crass card game - a method he's succesfully utilized for as long as I've been aware of his radio show's existence, ensuring that his wallet remains plump.

His recent comments on autism are absolutely no surprise to me, because they're simply following a "Savage" trend, and all I can simply do is shrug. He is Michael Savage. We know his M.O. Nothing he says surprises me and really shouldn't anyone else.

I suppose the fact that he reaches 10 million+ homes via his conservative, unabashedly right-wing radio talkshow might be of some concern for liberals, especially; and so they feel the need to challenge each slanted point of view he expresses, no matter how outrageous or obviously manipulative they might be.

In my personal experience, I find it most beneficial to simply ignore pugilists like Savage, O'Reilly and others, recognizing the fact that there is a bottomline to men like these. They are "entertainers" who collect large sums of money for the "sleight-of-hand" shows they put on for their loyal followers. And they can be bought and sold rather easily, in my opinion, making it even easier for me to not take either seriously.

It would be tempting to compare them to a man like Jesse Helms, but that would actually be an insult to Helms. The man was a racist, a bigot, and the many other perjorative adjectives that were thrown at him in life, and even in death; but, at least he was steadfast in his convictions, preferring to stand his ground in defeat, rather than compromise.

As far as I'm concerned, Michael Savage is not much more than a shockjock - Howard Stern minus the salacity. It's to his benefit when we acknowledge his words, giving them life and power. Instead, leave him alone to wallow in his playpen. Eventually he'll get bored from the lack of attention, and I think his voice will suffer for it.


  1. quakerdave said...

    I have to respectfully disagree.

    Mr. Savage reaches ten million listeners every day. Those people will not bother to find out for themselves that what he said about autism is a LIE. I work with autistic kids. My niece has autism, and so does my neighbor's son. What he said HURTS those kids and their families.

    All that it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to sit by and say nothing, while these brownshirts say whatever they want and get paid for it.

    Time for some push back.

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