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Harvey Weinstein Is Blogging Now?

Over at, Harvey makes excuses and bitches... I mean, Harvey answers his critics and encourages us to get excited about independent cinema again!!

Here are some snippets:

... During a summer of hyped-comic-book heroes turned screen stars, independent film as a whole hasn't received the attention it's due. ... Let's face it--I know everyone has their job pressures, especially in media, where gossip reigns supreme. So why would the media want to deal with a tough-minded movie when they could write about the youngest young starlet?

... Independent films still are the underdog, and I've been fighting for years to get them seen by audiences. People have been entertained, they've escaped the heat and reality in movie theaters, but have they been impassioned by a movie this summer?

... Have they talked about it long after it ended because it left them seeing something in a different way or questioning reality? And I don't mean trying to recall who designed Carrie's wedding dress--but the bigger questions.

... We have always known that we need to fight to allow creativity and innovation to flourish. The industry again stands at a transformational moment, requiring all of us to push the boundaries and show our passion for the industry that means so much to us and to society. Independent studios have been shut down, some staffs have been cut, and some have lost their independence.

Read Harvey's entire lament here: Indies v. Superheroes and Starlets


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