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'Hancock' Closes Holiday Weekend With $105M - Box Office Results

No surprise, Will Smith dominates yet another Independence day weekend at the box office, with Hancock raking in approximately $107 Million since its July 1st opening - according to Box Office Mojo.

So much for all the negative reviews of the film by most film critics. Prominent movie review aggregator,, indicates that only 36% of all critical reviews are positive. This is probably one of the few times that there has been and probably will be such a disconnect between audiences and critics, and Will Smith is to thank for that!

Now, what we'll all be watching for is whether the film has any legs. Will it continue to dominate at the box office as it's done on its opening weekend to maintain the flow of dollars in ticket sales, satisfying Sony's bottomline? Or will stiff competition from the likes of The Dark Knight (in theatres on the 18th) derail its forward movement? And let's not forget the second installment of Hellboy, (directed by a director who's popularity amongst fanboys and girls is growing rapidly - Guillermo del Toro) which will be released this Friday. Buzz for it certainly isn't as high as it is for Batman, but reviews have been really strong across the critical board, with 100% of critics at giving it a strong positive rating. Almost the same can be said for Journey To The Center Of The Earth, another film opening this week, and more importantly, a family sci-fi film that will attract Hancock's audience, enjoying an 86% positive critical rating.

Keep in mind that Hancock has already been released in a few foreign territories, raking in an additional $78 Million from international markets, for a grand total of just over $185 Million. Looking at box office totals for Will Smith's last 5 movies, their average global box office return is roughly $380 Million, with I Am Legend at the very top, grossing almost $600 Million globally, and Bad Boys II at $273 Million.

So, the next 2 weekends will be crucial for Hancock if it's to sit at the same table with Will's previous 5 films.

Rounding out the top 10 films for the weekend:
2. Wall-E$33,417,000$128,132,000$180
3. Wanted$20,607,000$90,775,000$75
4. Get Smart$11,125,000$98,115,000$80
5. Kung Fu Panda$7,500,000$193,395,000$130
6. The Incredible Hulk$4,975,000$124,917,000$150
7. Indiana Jones$3,940,000$306,590,000$185
8. Kit Kittredge$3,601,000$6,128,000-
9. Sex and the City$2,340,000$144,864,000$65
10. Don't Mess with the Zohan$2,000,000$94,780,000$90


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