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Film Review - 'White Lies, Black Sheep'

- James Spooner's second feature and first step into the world of narrative storytelling is called White Lies, Black Sheep. Filled with jagged video imagery and rapid pace score and source music, the film is as much a document of the LES / Williamsburg party scene as it is a critique of the subtle racism that lies implicit white bohemia.

Fellow indie film blogger and Brooklynite, Brandon Harris of Cinema Echo Chamber, reviews White Lies, Black Sheep, James Spooner's foray into narrative fiction, and interviews the director as well.

See the trailer for White Lies, Black Sheep below.

Then check out Brandon's review of the film and Q&A with James Spooner here: SPOONER ON WHITE LIES.


  1. albertine said...

    I didn't care for this film of Spooner's. I think he's holding onto the Afro-Punk mystique and riding it for as long as he can. Afro-Punk was cool but he should do something completely different for his next film.

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