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Film Recommendation - 'Ganja And Hess'

- Bill Gunn, the late African-American playwright, actor and film director, gave it a shot in his almost legendary Ganja & Hess, a bona fide cult film, the anti-Blacula, defiantly difficult and parochial, a vampire film in which the word itself is never used and its tropes mostly discarded. Ganja & Hess is jolting, jagged, lyrical, mythic and utterly unclassifiable, as avant-garde as the most independent film of today or any of the New American Cinema work from the 1960s or audacious studio films of the 1970s, with resonances one isn’t likely to encounter ever again.

Fellow Brooklynite, and Indie Film Blogger Brandon Harris of Cinema Echo Chamber, reviews Ganja And Hess. If you haven't seen the film yet, you really should! Read Brandon's excellent review here: GANJA AND HESS REVIEW.


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