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Even God Took A Day Off, Right?

Well, I'm not taking the entire day off, but I've got some other items that demand my attention today, so I'm out and about - places to go, people to see, lives to change, kingdoms to conquer... you know, the usual! But I'm sure there's a lot already here to catch up on, especially if you're just joining us.

Oh yeah, Hellboy 2 beat out Hancock for the #1 slot at the box office this weekend, as expected, although it wasn't by much. And Eddie's stinker of a movie, Meet Dave, opened at number 7, taking in just over $5 Million. Needless to say, this will be another critical and financial dud. It's Pluto Nash all over again. The man apparently hasn't learned anything from that previous experience.

Films on the charts that I recommend? I haven't seen Mongol (the Genghis Khan pic), but I've heard nothing but really good things about it. It's playing in limited release. Also, the Roman Polanski documentary - Wanted And Desired is worth checking out. It actually aired on HBO already, which is where I saw it, about a week ago. But it's now in theatres as well, also in limited release. I've been meaning to check out John Cusack's wicked satirical piece, War, Inc. I hopefully will soon.

I haven't started reading the Tarantino script below yet, so don't expect a review until tomorrow or the day after.

I'm sure everyone has heard about the arrests of Jeffrey Wright and Josh Brolin in Louisiana early Saturday morning right? If not click here: AP W CREW ARRESTED.

That's all folks! Go outside and enjoy the weather. It's a nice summer day in NYC today.

C-ya in a bit.

I'm Audi 5000! (does anybody even say that anymore?)


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