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Due to Demand, Many Theaters Screening 'Dark Knight' at 3 AM & 6 AM

Damn! I'm usually just getting up at 6AM. WTF? Are fanboys and girls really that rabid about the film that they'd get up that early (even earlier to get to the theatre by 6) in the morning to go see The Dark Knight on a IMAX screen? I guess so!

I have heard that the IMAX renditions of the film are superior and definitely worthwhile, so I'm hoping I can watch it that way.

I haven't bought my ticket yet, but given how quickly these screenings are selling out, I may have to wait until the 3rd week of the film's release to see the damn thing!

From the
New York Times:

- In a frenzy, fans have bought so many late-night tickets for the July 18 opening of the next Batman movie that theaters in places like San Diego, Chicago, and even Eagan, Minn., are scheduling 6 a.m. screenings for those who can’t get in at midnight or 3 in the morning!

Madness... simply madness... the Joker would most certainly approve! I can hear him laughing hysterically already!

Hancock is already forgotten... after all that hype.

The rest here: NY TIMES - DARK KNIGHT


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