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'Desperate Black Wives' On TV

HAHAHA! You just can't make this stuff up, I tell ya!

From Variety Swag:

Execs at New Zealand's Prime TV network were looking a little sheepish after hardcore porn interrupted a Sunday-afternoon family rugby game.

Grassroots Rugby switched suddenly to Desperate Black Wives 2, from the adult Spice Channel. The clip ran for nearly four minutes before reverting; the net blamed a "distribution error" in its routing equipment.

Prime issued an apology. The matter now lies with the Kiwi Broadcasting Authority, which will decide whether to penalize the network.

Yes, that's the DVD cover for Desperate Black Wives 2 above left. I'm sure those Tasmanites, Wellingtonians and Auklanders got quite an eyeful of all that "desperate" chocolate hotness on screen! And I'm sure quite a few of them thoroughly enjoyed all 4 minutes too, and likely wished it went on longer. Expect ratings for the Grassroots Rugby program to go up in coming weeks, and I'll be looking to see if sales of the porn title suddenly increase dramatically, specifically in south-western Pacific areas :o)

And for those interested, from the little research I did, the Desperate Black Wives series is currently up to its 4th installment!

Oh and..."Kiwi Broadcasting Authority"??? Ok.



  1. Anonymous said...

    I'm dismayed b/c black female sexuality has always been exploited (see slavery) but black female humanity seems to never sell. And .I'm pretty sure those 4 min. were the first time many of the people of New Zealand have ever seen a black woman. One of the most unnerving racial gender experiances for me was reading Michael Mann's screenplay for Heat and reading page after page most of the black females in it described solely as "black prostitutes" and on top of that being callously murdered by a racist psychopathic ex-con serial killer who made sure he got his rocks off first. That screenplay just motivated me in an angry way.

  2. Sergio said...

    @ anonymous

    Now this is my kind of TV! Hey, I'm a guy. What are you expecting here? Enlightenment?

  3. The Obenson Report said...

    - Anonymous, you may be right that those 4 minutes were a sort of introductory course to the Kiwis. Although I'd bet that, like so many other countries, American hip-hop music has permeated its borders, including the videos showing all those scantily-clad black women - in essence, not that much different from Desperate Black Wives. So, do you think the network mishap was indeed a mishap, or an intentional ploy?

    - You're on your own on that one Sergio!

  4. Catch said...

    Intentional ploy.

  5. The Obenson Report said...

    Catch - What do you think their reasons would be for a stunt like this?

  6. Invisible Woman said...
  first I thought this was a real reality show from the title post...I was wondering "what is UP with all the booty shots?" haha!

  7. Catch said...

    You know Obenson, I'm not sure. I just don't want to believe this was a slip up. I did some very, very brief research. Community rugby players have been upset with the pros in New Zealand. I want to believe this was sabotage at the hands of a protestor.

    I saw video of a New Zealand news broadcast on the incident. They did not mention the name of the porn. It would have made my day to hear the anchorwoman say the title.

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