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Coming Soon - Austin Powers 4

So what do you do when you sense that your once rising star is starting to quickly fall? Easy! You return to an old favorite. And that's exactly what Mike Myers is planning on doing.

His last outing, The Love Guru, was heavily critically panned and a box office failure. Thus, rather than make a successive attempt into new territory, the former SNL star is said to be reviving his mostly successful Austin Powers series.

While the news does nothing but elicit a big yawn out of me, I can't argue with the likely financial reasons Myers wants to bring Dr Evil and company back. All 3 previous films have grossed an average of about $225 Million each, worldwide, despite individual budgets in the $16 to $60 Million range. With numbers like that, and not even including DVD sales, it's safe to say each film was certainly very profitable for the responsible studio, and Myers.

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, there's no deal in place yet with any studio, but New Line is reportedly heavily courting the project. Myers has started writing the script for Austin Powers 4 which is said to be an homage to his father, with this next installment focusing on the relationship between Dr. Evil and his son (introduced already as Scott Evil, played by Seth Green).

No word on whether Beyonce will be back as Foxy Cleopatra, who's apparently, "a whole lotta woman!"

Once again... Yawn...! Myers's career could start to resemble another SNL alum's seemingly downward spiral... Eddie Murphy.



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