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Can We All Just Get Along!?

I wonder if Obama did kiss his ass after all, as THIS POST suggested ;o)

From AP News:

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton ended their mutual silent treatment Monday, with the Democratic presidential candidate reaching out and asking his former Democratic nemesis to help him win the White House.

In their first conversation since the end of the heated primary, former President Clinton agreed to campaign for the candidate he portrayed as inexperienced for a presidential run. Obama had said Bill Clinton's harsh criticisms led him to wonder which Clinton he was running against sometimes.

The 20-minute conversation was the latest step in bringing together the two warring camps. While Hillary Rodham Clinton has been publicly behind Obama, hard feelings remained between the former Democratic president and the candidate hoping to become the next one.

The rest HERE.


  1. albertine said...

    Obama and Bill - BFF! LOL

  2. Anonymous said...

    I hope that's a "Kick Me" note he's pasting to his back. Sore loser!

    - P

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