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Borris Kodjoe Is A 'Surrogate'

The subject of many a female (and some male) fantasy, Boris Kodjoe, has joined the cast of the Disney sci-fi thriller The Surrogates which stars Bruce Willis.

The film is (no surprise) an adaptation of a popular graphic novel of the same title, that takes place in (no surprise) a future (2054), where humans use surrogates (remote-controlled artificial bodies) to interact with one another. But one man (no surprise) who sees this way of life as illogical, makes it his mission to return humans to the old way of life when we actually interacted with each other directly, and not through proxies.

Obviously another foreshadowing of what one person suggests the world could eventually become, and his theory isn't too far-fetched. We already express ourselves quite frequently with various kinds of "surrogates" or "proxies" - we're all doing so right now, as I type this blog and as you read it!

Altogether now... Ooooooohhhh! (Cue inflated crescendo score here)

The film also stars Ving Rhames by the way. I have no idea how involved their individual roles will be. We'll find out November 2009. See cover of the comic book at right.



  1. Anonymous said...

    I'm excited! About the graphic novel..the film not so much. Boris is VERY easy on the eyes, but I just can't see him pulling it off. I would be thrilled if proven wrong. In the mean time I think I'll visit to check out what inspired the project. Thanks for sharing :o)

    - P

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