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Batman Arrested In London

Whaaaa? This seems rather unlike him, from all I know of the guy (at least, his public persona), so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, and assume that this is either all a misunderstanding, or there's a lot more to the story than has already been reported!

From The UK Guardian:

- Batman star Christian Bale was today arrested over claims he attacked his mother and sister before appearing at the launch of his new blockbuster film.

The 34-year-old actor is alleged to have lashed out at mother Jenny, 61, and sister Sharon, 40, in his suite at Park Lane's Dorchester Hotel on Sunday.

The two women, who live in Dorset, went to a Hampshire police station yesterday to make their allegations formally.

Officers at Scotland Yard were then passed the complaint and Bale voluntarily attended a police station this morning.

Speaking from an upstairs window of her home in Bournemouth, Sharon would only say it was a "family matter".

Bale spent several hours in custody at Belgravia police station in central London before being released on police bail this afternoon. He was driven away from the police station, and a pack of photographers, in a silver people carrier, and returned to the Dorchester.



  1. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    He seemed a bit tightly wound when he was being interviewed on TV the morning of the UK premiere of Dark Knight (I think this was the morning after the alleged assault).

    Dark Knight, indeed...

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