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And Now, A Nollywood Moment...

A new feature of this blog... something I'm calling, Nollywood Moments.

Here's the first of many to come (haha):


  1. Undercover Black Man said...

    Nollywood rocks! I've been wanting to post about it for a while... but kept putting it off.

    By the way, Tambay, hit me with an email. I want to put you in touch with a publicist (who also happens to be my cousin) whose clients include the Starz network.

    She might have some content you can use.

    I'm at: undercoverblackman(at)mac(dot)com

  2. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    Juju, 419, prostitution, now American-Italian style gangsters...

    Diversity, much?


    Must say, that midget is scary... Creepy scary, as opposed to gangster scary.


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