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Afro Samurai Redux

I own the original series on DVD, and have watched all the previous episodes.

Ho-hum... I wasn't THAT impressed with it - certainly not enough to shout its name from New York City rooftops; but I'd still recommend checking it out at least once, if only to say you've seen it, especially if you have any interest in Japanese Manga anime. Rarely do we see black faces in this format and genre.

The first episode was shown online in January 2007 and later premiered on Spike TV in the same month. It was also broadcast in the UK, Japan, and Australia.

Spike TV recently announced a 2-hour sequel, scheduled to air in January, 2009, with Samuel L Jackson in the title role, joined this time by Lucy Liu who will lend her voice to a character called Sio, described as, "a seductive and sadistic mastermind out to destroy Jackson's samurai."

A live action, theatrical version was said to be in development, also with Sam Jackson to star (although I can't see him physically embodying the character, his swashbuckling Star Wars prequel attempts aside), but nothing is officially in production yet.

Here are the first 5 minutes of the original series:


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