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Trailer - 'Quantum Of Solace'

And the award for the least interesting title of a studio film for 2008 goes to (drum roll), Quantum Of Solace! I remember scratching my head the very first time I heard that it would be the title for the next installment of the James Bond 007 series, but there's absolutely nothing I can do about it, so I stopped scratching!

Anway, Sony released the first real trailer for the film earlier today, and it has much of the film blogosphere excited, especially if you're a fan, which I am, although I didn't care too much for the last one. So my hopes for this one aren't as high as they could've been if the last one impressed me, which it didn't.

This looks even more rugged, violent, and real. I've read other bloggers compare it to the Greengrass-directed Bourne movies (the last 2 in the series), and after you see it, I think you'll probably agree. It certainly doesn't look like your James Bond of old.

Here ya go (and yes, that was Jeffrey Wright at about the 1:20 mark):


  1. echo said...

    Can you hear me yawning :^)

    I like James Bond as we used to know him. Sean Connery and Roger Moore James Bond. I think they should have just killed the series after that. These lone wolf movies like Bond and Bourne and soooo many others like them are all starting to blend together for me which makes each one less interesting to me.

  2. Sergio said...

    Now THIS is the film I dying to see. You can have your Iron Man and Spider Man or whatever sissy superheroes out there. I'm old school. I was raised on James Bond since Dr. No and blaxploitation movies where you had mascluline REAL black men like Jim Brown. Now we've got Terrance Howard and Tyler Perry. WTF?

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