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Sunday Funnies: A Re-Imagining Of 'The Happening' is one of many sites I frequent when I need to be humored.

This was posted on their site a few days ago, and I meant to copy it here but forgot... until now anyway.
The title of the post is: If 'The Happening' Was 10X Shorter and 100X More Honest. Of course, it's referencing M. Night Shyamalan's latest hack job of a movie, The Happening, which I did see on its opening weekend and despised!

Apparently, I'm not alone with that sentiment, as the good folks at thought it would be a good idea to condense the film's script down to about 5-pages, which is about what it probably should have been!
Take a look at their "10x shorter, 100x more honest" version rendition for a good laugh. It helps if you've seen the movie. But even if you haven't, I can vouch for the accuracy of their concise rendition ;o)

Take it all in


  1. albertine said...

    LOLOLOLOL! Classic! I eventually got myself to see it. You're right, this version is true to form and actually more entertaining. I can't help but feel for Shyamalan though. He's walking on thin ice right about now.

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