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Incase You Were Wondering What She's Been Up To...

Spike's little sister, aka Joie Lee, does do some acting from time to time, even though we see very little of her. She's been in many of her brother's films, but rarely has she ventured outside of the family to work on a none-Lee joint. There was her stint with her other brother, Cinque, in Jim Jarmusch's Coffee And Cigarettes (didn't care for it), and she assumed writer/director duties for a short film she made in 2001 called Snapped (never seen it, so I'm curious). But she clearly isn't interested in going down the traditional path that most currently working actresses have taken, seemingly not pressured to take roles just for a paycheck. She must be involved in some other ventures that feed her bank account.

Anyway, I found out that she's co-starring in a film that just opened up in limited release called Full Grown Men, a film that is said to have "spent more than a year and a half on the festival circuit and was on the verge of self-release when it won the audience award in the IndieWIRE and Sundance Channel's Undiscovered Gems screening series in January 2008, awarding it a $100,000 distribution deal, including a theatrical release through Emerging Pictures and a run on the Sundance Channel."

Short synopsis: A man stuck in the reveries of his youth tracks down the boyhood friend he once tormented, only to find that simpler times were more complicated than he thought.

I'm not sure how much of a role she plays in the film, but one look at the trailer revealed nothing - she isn't in it, which speaks volumes!

The film stars a list of mostly unknowns like Matt McGrath and Judah Friedlander. Alan Cumming is the most recognizable name.

Full Grown Men made its U.S.theatrical premiere on June 25 at New York¹s Cinema Village, 22 E. 12th Street. The film will open throughout the summer in theaters across the country.


  1. Invisible Woman said...

    I know that this is off topic, but ol' girl's not lookin' too spiffy these days...hmmmm

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    Nah, just not a very good pic. I saw her in person not-so long ago, at an event here in NYC, where Spike was giving a talk and she looked good.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Joie Lee is very much in the Full Grown Men trailer. She tells the "protagonist" that he's "One seriously...messed...up individual."

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