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'Hancock' Premieres In Paris

No disrespect to my Parisian readers, all 3 of them :o), but how does Hancock, an "American as apple pie" movie, premiere over in Gallic territory, a full 2 weeks before we in George Bush land get to feast our eyes on it? I thought we hated the French... I kid, I kid... pardon moi! The demagogue known as Sarkozy must be partly responsible for this seemingly clandestine operation.

Anywho... during last night's Paris premiere, press photos of the film's stars who made the trip (including Jason Bateman, director Peter Berg and others) were of course snapped, including the one above. You can see more


  1. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    I'm wondering if this is some new trend. New Line premiered the Sex And The City movie in London and it also opened on general release over here before it did in New York.

    I figured so much sex, they forgot which city!


    Fans over here weren't exactly complaining (we usually get films weeks or even months after they're released in the US or even the rest of Europe), but it just seemed... odd!

    But hey, if this is the sign of things to come, I'm not about to start complaining.

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    I'll have to investigate this "trend." I know US films premiere elsewhere from time to time. But it certainly wasn't always the case. It's really no big deal, ultimately. Studios have to pander to international audiences too, and cultivate long lasting relationships... money, money, money

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