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CORRECTION: George Lucas is NOT Directing 'Red Tails'

On Tuesday I posted an entry about George Lucas's next directing gig - a WWII film retelling the stories of the 'Tuskegee Airmen.'

Anne Thompson's Variety Magazine blog clarifies for the rest of us that Lucas WILL NOT be directing the film, as many thought, based on the original Tuesday press release.

Here's what the blog partly states:

According to Lucasfilm... Lucas is NOT directing Red Tails... He is an a executive producer... (John) Ridley is writing... No other attachments yet.

They have not started talking to distributors and aren't yet talking about their plans for financing. Lucas could pay for the whole thing out of his own pocket... but that doesn't mean he will.

So, the speculation begins... who will end up in the director's chair? Who would YOU like to see assume the role? Do you give a shit? It would be an interesting twist of events if somehow Spike Lee ended up behind the lens. It all depends on what story (or stories) will be told, and what Lucas will go for in terms of style and content. Is he thinking of some bloated big-budgeted spectacle, with lots of war action sequences, or a more intimate, personal journey, that focuses mainly on character narration? It's anyone's guess at this juncture.


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