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A Chronology Of African American Military Service WWI - WWII

The recent squabble between Spike Lee and Clint Eastwood over the representation (or lack thereof) of African Americans in supposedly historically accurate cinematic retellings (the second world war in this case) encouraged me to do a little research on the contributions of African Americans in WWII, if only to ensure that I'm well-versed on the subject, given Eastwood's rather unfortunately dismissive response to Spike's initial observation.

The following website was recommended by a poster on another site. It's a chronology of African American military service from WWI to WWII. There's a lot of detail, so it's a lengthy read, but it's also very specific, highlighting noteworthy people and events during the 29 year period covering both wars.

I found it useful and thought you might as well, so check it out when you can. Here's the link: A CHRONOLOGY OFAFRICAN AMERICAN MILITARY SERVICE.


  1. albertine said...

    I clicked over and skimmed it. It's definitely a read for when I can focus. Consider it bookmarked.

  2. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    To hear it told, you'd think there were no black people from any part of the world that fought on the 'allied' side during the world wars.

    Countless soldiers from the Carribean and Africa risked their lives for the 'Motherland' as subjects of the British Empire.

    And Black American GI's stationed in the UK during WWII got as much attention from the local gals as their white counterparts before they were shipped off to the front, much to the disgust of their commanding officers and compatriots.

    Mr Eastwood seems not to realise just how revisionist history already is or, maybe because he's on the side that revisionism favours, perhaps he doesn't really care so much.

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