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ChickFlicks - Coming Soon!

One of my mottos: take advantage when an opportunity presents itself.

From Variety Magazine:

Producers Sara Risher and Stephanie Austin
have teamed up to form an indie production company called (drumroll) ChickFlicks, with the intent to generate two to three films per year aimed specifically at the female demographic.

$100 million in financing over the next 5 years has been raised with the help of WestPark Capital, Inc, a full service investment banking and securities brokerage firm.

Expect announcements of the first three films in the next few months.

"With the extraordinary success of Sex and the City, the underserved market for intelligent, emotional films with relatable female characters has spoken emphatically," Risher said.


  1. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    Ooh! ChickFlicks! How original!


    On the plus side, they do mention "intelligent, emotional films with relatable female characters" so hope doth spring eternal.

    However, Risher and Ausin won't be the only ones riding this wagon. I've said it before and I'll say it again: We'll get a rash of over-the-top girl-friend-flicks where honest portrayals of female friendships will eventually give way to gratuitous outlandishness (and yes, I really do envisage a no hold bars cunnilingus scene making an appearance in the next couple of years - and probably thus sealing the fate of the chick flick for the early part of the century).

    Let's hope that one or two of them will be films women will actually want to see, rather than the only films (good, bad and darn right ridiculous) geared towards them.

  2. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    Oh dear...

    I just read this at

    "The belated UK opening of Priceless, which was released two years ago, looks like an attempt to capitalise on the Sex and the City effect. Since Priceless is French, it responds to its heroine's choices with a little Gallic shrug."

    So I guess wider re-releases and, potentially, Hollywood remakes of French (and other European) chick flicks is on the cards too...

    Incidently, I'm going to see this with Isabelle on Saturday.

    *She gives a Gallic shrug*

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