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Cheadle 'Traitor' Poster Premiere!

You've likely seen the trailer. Now we get a first look at the poster above. Click on it for a larger look. I must say, it's nice to see Cheadle's grille prominently displayed. It's obviously HIS movie, and from all I've seen and read thus far, unlike most characters he's previously played. The film does feel like a retread of other similar spygate flicks, although I'm hoping it has a few surprises along its journey that will help separate it from the rest, even if it's just by a few yards. We'll see when it hits theatres on August 27th. Thanks to Cinematical for the exclusive.


  1. albertine said...

    God, I REALLY hope this doesn't suck! The trailer held my attention mostly, but, like you said, it feels very much like a patchwork of other similar films. Then again, it's just a trailer. I'll see it and hope for the best.

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